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Cryogenic low-pass filters for every application

Low noise
Cold electrons

Filtering and thermalizing connections to your quantum devices at deep cryogenic temperatures is famously tricky.
We learned how to do this the hard way, let us make it easy for you. 


One size doesn't fit all

Different applications have different filtering requirements. That's why we developed multiple configurations, with more on the way.

Need something custom? We do that too.

LPF-DC: 20 Hz cutoff frequency,  100 Ω / line
Ultimate noise-rejection. 
Ideal for filtering DC biases to quantum amplifiers and other sensitive devices. 
Typically configured with four <10 Ω, 50 kHz cutoff lines suitable for mechanical switch control and other high power applications.

LPF-20k: 20 kHz cutoff frequency,  1 kΩ / line
Ideal for low-frequency lock-in measurements and other finite-frequency applications. 
Need a higher cutoff? Just say the word.

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